Sunday, August 26, 2012

Purple, As It Happens

There's something I'd like to show you, coincidentally also purple and I wish it was the loveseat I started covering on Thursday evening and which I'd hoped to have finished yesterday before spinners came here, but it isn't, and it's also not the loveseat so I can't show you eaither of them, so yarn will have to do. Not the best plying job I've ever done, but blame Breaking Bad.
But holy crap plying all this yarn will make me old because there are still seven and a half bobbins and I've only spun about half. Maybe more.

It's sort of pretty but I confess I don't adore it and I don't adore spinning it when the object of my spinning desire is some luscious handpainted yumminess, the sight of which as Amy pulled it out of her bag was obviously so apparently lust-inducing that I didn't even have to beg; all I had to do was drool.


Laurie said...

Isn't life too short to spin that which does not deliver lust? I have been told that over and over. What did Amy have?

Charlene said...

It'll be lovely yarn, and I have enough OF ONE COLOUR to make an excellent coat or something big, so I'm inspired.

Amy had handpainted deliciousness in deep, saturated magenta with splashes of swampy greens and browns and I'll try to post a picture tomorrow but right now I must sleep.