Thursday, August 2, 2012

I Know You Didn't Ask

But this might be useful, probably not to you, since I'm pretty sure you're well versed in the social graces, but then again, it's good advice and potentially applicable to everyone. You might know someone who could benefit, for example.

For the sake of argument, let's say you're a boy. For example.

And let's say you met someone that's fun to talk to. A girl, for example.

And you think it might be fun to hang out and talk some more, get a drink, that sort of thing. So you make the suggestion and eventually she agrees (she might be taken by surprise for example), and you agree on a day but not a place or a time and so you tell her you'll call her the night before to make plans and then you make sure you have her phone number and then hold fire for a few days because the day you've agreed on is three or four days away.

And then.




You know you haven't called, you hope (kinda) that she knows you  haven't called, and you feel the need to let her know that you know that you haven't called, so you call her up and leave a message to that effect.

There are two words that you should not under any circumstances say to her message-taking device if you wish to leave a good impression.

"I forgot".

If you're salvageable, you might realise, as you hear the words coming out of your mouth, or shortly thereafter, what a monstrous faux pas you just committed, but in the event that you really have no idea, let me spell it out for you.

You're trying to impress this girl, or at least not make a bad impression, right?

You know about the flattery thing, right? That if you compliment someone just the right number of times (not too many because that seems decidedly insincere and if it's overdone enough, more than a few bricks short) they will think well of you in return for having noticed some of their finer qualities. We like people to like us back after all, because it shows that they have good taste.

So the flattery thing, it works in reverse too, you see. If you do or say something that indicates to this person in whom you're at least vaguely interested, enough to invite her to spend some time with you, that actually, spending time with her is so unimportant to you that YOU FORGOT TO CALL, then you might be monumentally clueless.

I'm just sayin'.

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Helen said...

Too funny and so well said! I'm still chuckling.