Monday, June 22, 2009


Now that the class is over, I listed this on Etsy.

Usually when I take my walks through the wilds that are a bike path behind the houses, I plan my day and get ideas about my projects. Sometimes I even remember them later, and sometimes they turn out to be decent ideas. On Sunday I made lists.

  1. Calling them "pet" peeves. A pet is something you want to snuggle with. I'm not interested in having my peeves sleep at the foot of my bed, and I don't want to have to feed them or take them for walks or worry about who will look after them when I go on vacation.
  2. People in some sort of special interest online group who repeatedly find ways to tell everyone their bust size, weight, height, waist size, and other not so vital statistics when it's irrelevant.
  3. Wilful ignorance.
  4. The notion that praying to your deity is something you're doing for someone else who doesn't believe in any of them.
  5. Baby talk by adults to adults in public. 
  6. Semi-compulsory work-related social events outside working hours.
  7. Someone I barely know asking me to knit them something.
  8. Finding out anything about any co-worker's sex life.

  1. Finishing something.
  2. Having a grand idea.
  3. Finding out that it really was an excellent solution.
  4. Finding out that my teenage daughter is secure enough about herself to say cool stuff about her mother on her flickr page. (Check it out - she's very talented)
  5. Passing through a cloud of honeysuckle.
  6. Bunnies who think I can't see them if they don't move.
  7. Bunnies who know they can run faster than I can.
  8. Bunnies who know I wouldn't even bother.
  9. Getting lost in a project.
  10. Seeing something beautiful, whether natural or created.
  11. Ikura.
  12. The first words from my young nephew, upon seeing him after perhaps two years, regarding a sweater I had made him the last time.
  13. Someone I care about, asking me to knit them something.
  14. Someone I care about, asking me to knit them something handspun.
  15. Deep tissue massages.
  16. New places, new sights, new foods.
At the time, the peeves list was longer than the pleasures list, but apparently whatever was bothering me then is no longer bothering me now, and so irksome things do not spring to mind quite as readily.

My local bead store now has slightly smaller rivolis.

They still work quite well.

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Lynn said...

I love your pleasures list, and I know your peeves list all too well. I think I'll go look sideways at some bunnies today.