Sunday, June 7, 2009

I Made Things

It's not that I've done nothing, it's just that there hasn't been a whole lot to say about it.
Circumstances forced me to work on the instructions for the class I'm teaching two Tuesdays away; the weekend and night before are otherwise accounted for.
When I make instructions, every step is photographed and described, which means that if I was too lackadaisical to take the pictures while making the original class sample, I end up making a whole nother piece (necklace, in this case) in order to make the instructions.

I wanted something different in feel from the blue one, so there's a fair amount more contrast in the way of colours, and a whole lot less sparkle since I used absolutely matte seed beads. I was thinking fall tones, but it's really more spring-in-the-desert to me.

As a reward, I made earrings.
Took a few tries to get them framed to my satisfaction, and now I'm quite pleased with them. Check out the listing so you can see pictures of the BACK.

I actually finished this necklace early last week, or perhaps even last weekend - who remembers that far back?
The bead artist is Beau Barrett, you should check out his stuff - he does lovely work.

An upcoming trip dictates a convenient knitting project, so I spent much of the weekend getting started, which over here involves a fair amount of changing my mind after a few hours, hence the smallness.
It's one shoulder strap of a tank top, showing some front neck shaping and a tiny amount of armhole shaping.

I couldn't quite capture the colour, but it's a wonderful deep crimson-maroon-something, and is the softest cotton I have ever come across. It's getting used at an alarming rate though; I don't think I'll be able to knit fast enough to complete the project before it runs out, so I might have to make a preemptive extra-ball purchase.

And the socks. Sock.

I love it, but for the second of the pair, I have a better idea for the foot, as I'm not nuts about the transition from entrelac to plain at the instep. It's fine at the heel, but the instep is just not smooth enough, and I think I'll be able to flow into a chevron pattern on the next one.

No, it doesn't bother me that they won't be identical. Why do you ask?


janel said...

Your beading is gorgeous, as usual! I love that first necklace.

fibergal said...

The green necklace is very different from the blue original. I just love every part of this design. It really speaks to me. A lot of your beading is lovely, but this one rises above.

Ann said...

I love the earrings!

I agree, I think a chevron/diamond flowing to the top of the foot would look very nice and provide a good transition.