Tuesday, December 20, 2016


I'm here, doing stuff but quite a bit of it is knitting and as endless pictures of knitting progress are hardly scintillating, I guess I've been pretty quiet - but I have made Things!
 There was a beaded bead in which I thought small dagger beads would work.  They did not.
 So I remade it without the dagger beads, one six-around and one five-around. The five-around bead is more oval than round which pleases me better.
 I made some more of these truncated dodecahedra just because they're quick and easy (but wait until I teach it and see if the students agree. I'm pretty sure there will be disagreement, at least initially).
 I'm not sure how this pendant started - I'm pretty sure it was something else entirely like a bracelet or some such.
I liked it so much that I made another one in murky shades just off grey and silver. This one's mine. It really deserves a better necklace.
And then a patterned sample supposed to illustrate just how much fun one can have with this design. I'm actually not joking (for those that think beading is fun. Like me).

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