Sunday, November 13, 2016


I'm not even going to talk bout what happened last week because don't even get me started on how that could do with some improvement.

I know I always complain about deadlines but this time for real I've been set back close to a month what with Hawaii (yes, I know, and I'm not complaining, I'm just saying) and then my mother visiting which definitely cramped any creativity I might ordinarily be deploying to come up with new designs for the next batch of classes at Lady Bug Beads.

Students have suggested on more than one occasion that I simply haul out some old-to-me new-to-them designs and I suppose I could but truthfully my tastes have changed and some of those old ones should stay in the attic forever but there is one that I've been wanting to rework for ages.
 I don't absolutely hate it or anything, but it screams for more colours (not just two) and the focal is so puny you miss it unless you know it's there and even then it just looks like a mistake.  I like the pearls but you can't get nice pearls for the prices I used to pay back then so the price of the kits would skyrocket if I wanted to re-issue them and the rope motif is nice and all but it's spaced too widely and seems a bit spare to me.
So I fixed it.

More interesting focal, more colours, more dense, different beads.

Doesn't feel stale to me anymore.

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