Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Out and About

I spent a long weekend in Wisconsin so I made little gifts: tissue holders for the upcoming sniffle season and eco wraps (beeswax-saturated cotton as a substitute for plastic wrap or wax paper).
Deb has a wonderful studio with areas for different media and plenty of work surfaces. 

She was clearing out odds and ends and I managed to snag a bunch of silk yarn
Which is turning into knitting. Yes it hurts my hands but they're messed up and will continue to degrade no matter what and I'm tired of being constrained so I'm doing it anyway.
I dyed some rather insipid silk noil fabric.
Deb was working on an embroidery piece which was well-started when we arrived but really took flight while we were there. Can't wait to see how it ends up
Lots of weaving happened.
All that I managed to photograph were a couple of knotted pile pieces partially hidden by one of Deb's embroidery pieces that Sara will use in a bag (what else?)
And drum carding
Which resulted in bundles of yum
And we ate well, had great discussions, took inspiration and bounced ideas off each other. For me it was a perfect immersion in things that I love away from the schedules and chores of the day-to-day.

Then I came home and made a velvet cushion cover for the bench at the foot of my bed. 
It's been thoroughly quality tested.

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