Sunday, June 19, 2016


Some years ago I made a pendant with matching earrings, scaling them down by using smaller fire-polished beads and omitting the rivoli which was in the pendant. I sort of like it but I think it could stand improvement so that's where I started.

I used the smaller fire-polished beads to weave a square frame, embellished it and inserted a smallish rivoli. Different embellishment than the last time and I was enjoying the making so I kept adding sides until I had a large, square slider.
 The sides measure about an inch and three quarters I think. It's pretty big.

Also? I don't like the embellishment so much. Too disorganised looking; not enough structure, just a mess of shiny magatamas, so I decided to revert to something closer to the original and make only one face before deciding whether I like it or not.
 Too dull. I hate those orange circles with holes and while I like some of the changes, it's too plain.  Not enough magatamas.

Third time though? Better. Just enough magatamas.
Good enough to make into a necklace for a friend's birthday in just over a week. (She doesn't read this blog so my secret is safe I think).

Also goo enough to start on another big slider. Or pendant. I'll decide later.


amyfibre said...

Oooh! Slider, please. Or would it be too big converted to a multi-sided slider?

Charlene said...

It's a substantial cube-shaped slider. Define "too big"!