Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Let's just ignore the fact that I've not been keeping up, shall we? Working on the kitchen cut into everything and I've just been getting behinder and behinder.

I'm tickled with my latest little accident (sort of):
I had a small amount of triangle beads hanging around, and I needed a break from the sometimes less fun aspects of beading (packing kits for Craft Camp) and I thought it might be fun to use the same technique as in Pentamate but make a cube instead of a dodecahedron.

It looked scruffy so I added picots and all of a sudden it wasn't quite a cube anymore, but has all these points like a star.

It's small (perhaps three quarters of an inch soaking wet) and it has holes on each of the six faces and of course it's hollow and light and perfect for earrings and it's as cute as a new kitten.


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