Sunday, March 13, 2016

Not Quite a Thousand Words

It's not that I haven't been doing anything the last few weeks, it's just that pictures of painting the ceiling just don't quite paint those thousand words and really, picture of half-painted walls might be vaguely interesting, but certainly pictures of unpainted, partially-painted or fully painted white ceilings are just a waste of pixels.
 My hair took part in the ceiling-painting process.
 See? Only vaguely interesting. Serves only to point out the previous overabundance of colour from previous decades.
 I'm much happier with three shades of grey.
So yeah, I've been neglecting everything at the expense of painting.
This feeding station for the cats is about as far as my rudimentary woodworking skills (and I use that word advisedly) will take me. Honestly? The legs aren't quite even and it wobbles a bit.

The kitchen? It's as done as it's going to be for at least the next few months. There are a couple of touch-ups I should do, a few woodworking projects which I assume will not be as awesome as in my mind's eye and yet. I have a smouldering desire to make beautiful and useful things out of wood.
I've made a couple of beading samples.
Nothing earth-shattering.

My current trivial (because in the grand scheme of things anything not Life-or-Death is trivial) sadness is the state of my knitting.
Beautiful, right? (Ignore her; she has no clue and besides, she has Resting Bitchface). Cashmere-silk in a slightly relaxed gauge for drape and softness. Yummy.

Except bad. That's the thing when just knitting an idea: without trying it out, you can't always tell if it'll work, which is to say that it may not work on your body. And it doesn't.

I've been spending all this time knitting a scaffolding to showcase the gorgeous (and expensive) skein of hand-dyed merino-possum-silk I bought in New Zealand and it is frankly deficient.

My previous self who would happily binge-knit a weekend away would barely have blinked and sighed before ripping it all out, but this me, the one that really shouldn't knit more than an hour a day and preferably not every day to avoid hand pain is quite a bit less sanguine about the prospect of starting over.

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