Sunday, January 24, 2016

Two Fi'ty

This wasn't part of the grand master plan but for around two dollars and fifty cents and a bit of time it was totally worth it.
This was what the floor of the cabinet under the kitchen sink looked like. The plywood was so old and had been saturated so many times (I'm guessing; it looked this way when I bought this house) that you couldn't even tell it had been plywood. It looked like multiple separate card stock-thin layers of wood splinters. 

Really gross.
First I cannibalized a cardboard box and cut it to size. Let me just say that there are no right angles in this template.
Home Despot had some heavy-duty  adhesive tiles on clearance for forty-eight cents each and I needed five.

I'm no longer embarrassed and nauseated by this part of my kitchen. 

My plan for today involved working out and sanding more cabinet doors but I'm not unhappy with my accomplishments.

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