Thursday, October 1, 2015

Yes, I Know

I did mention that I came home with The Crud, didn't I?

It was the long-lasting though not so terribly dreadful Crud as it turns out, and when I get a cold, I don't sleep and when I don't sleep my back and neck get stiff and it's that which makes me grumpy, not so much the sniffles.

Oh yes, and when I came back with The Crud That Stayed, I had things to do, things I'd committed to before I left and all I wanted to do was not do the things I had to do, so I had a largely miserable week, and then I had twenty-seven plans for the weekend (not my usual choice; oh and I may be exaggerating) so almost at the end of the next week I'm feeling partially human again.

I've been getting back to doing stuff I want to do.

Many years ago my father made me an inkle loom. It worked, but it wasn't the best and I didn't use it for years and so I sold it and I sort of regret it and had been looking at inkle looms before I went on vacation. Then I made the shoelaces (which wasn't inkle weaving, but could be done on an inkle loom) and it seemed like a fun thing I might actually want to do again so I bought an inkle loom.
 And started on a pair of shoelaces. Probably for a nephew of sorts.
I'm pretty well equipped with materials for quite a few more shoelaces, so I hope the nieces and nephews like them.

I made some ridiculously long earrings.
 With a matching bracelet.
 I finished off a kumihimo necklace. I swear, I could make two necklaces a week using lamp work beads in my stash and it would take a very long time before I'd run out. I may need to rethink this strategy for using them up.
 On vacation I did some spinning, but not after I plied stuff that was on the bobbin. No clue what this was. Some sort of chop suey yarn (you know, odds and end from the fridge all blended together nicely).
 This is the yak and silk I dyed at camp last year as roving. It wasn't a thorough blend so it was really unpleasant to spin because the silk clumped up but I think it turned out gorgeous. I'm not sure if I wish there was more of it (so I could knit something substantial with it) because then I'd have had to endure the not entirely enjoyable experience of spinning it but then I'd be crazy smug, though I probably wouldn't have finished it by now so let's just say I'm perfectly happy with the amount I have.
Yah, we should all have such hard choices.

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