Saturday, April 18, 2015

Colour Love

So I sold the kumihimo necklace from last post, the one with the whiteness and the silver focal. I'm almost sorry it's gone because I really liked it but if I'm perfectly honest with myself, after the blush of new love wore off, I'd probably not wear it much.

It really suited the person who bought it though, so there's that.

I'm officially in full-on pre-panic mode for Bead and Button. It starts in a little over a month and realistically the only worrisome thing I have to do is bedaub one more sample. And fill kits for classes but somehow, even though it invariably is far more time-consuming than I ever remember into be, I'm not losing sleep over.

To make the whole trip financially worthwhile and at worst a break-even situation, I need to pack [new] kits for Meet the Teachers, but I do have a certain amount of time between classes while I'm there, so I don't have to be completely finished before I leave my driveway at the end of next month.

Speaking of samples and kits, I'm very pleased with the way this one turned out:
It's all my favourite types of colours: just slightly something else. The gold is slightly green, the khaki is slightly pink, the beige is slightly yellow, the bronze a little copper and I'm happy with the way they play together. Originally I'd been planning on something more aggressively green with a more aggressively Not Green contrast, but I think this is probably more appealing overall.

To me at least.

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Unknown said...

And I love that you now allow us to view larger versions of your photos. Your pieces always looked marvelous, but now even more so. Thanks.