Monday, September 1, 2014

Not Much to Show

Honestly, I couldn't tell you where the time's gone or what I did with it.

Some was spent on a bit of furniture refinishing caused by one of those saucer things they make for underneath the pots used for indoor plants to catch any excess water which was more of a catch and release, resulting in the fabric table cover thingy (neither a table cloth nor a doiley. Actually I suspect it was conceived as an embroidered wall hanging but I've never used it as such since I received it as a present on my twenty-first birthday) being stuck to the table in a nasty way, and a great old black mark on the table underneath it.

The worst of the mark was lifted, but oxalic acid turns out not to be the miracle I'd have liked it to be.

I may have severely lowered the value of the antique card-table upon which this ugly stain was foisted by my attempts, but to tell the truth, I just don't care. I think I've matched the stain on the wood, and now French polishing lies ahead. Oh joy.

I wish they made a tool to aid French polishing analogous to a sanding block as I'd really much prefer a thingy with a handle rather than having to pinch-and-rub to get the shine on. My hands don't care too much for the pinching.

Be that as it may, I did make a rather simple little necklace enhancer but try as I might, success eluded me in my efforts to enhance the enhancer and make it less simple so there, for now, it is.
 And then of course the sample for tomorrow's class. I rather like these bracelets as they work up pretty quickly.
There's also been some reduction in the quantity of Extreme Cat Stress which is better than either alternative (no alteration or worse yet: an escalation).

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