Saturday, July 26, 2014


So yeah, I finished this sample and its instructions. I'm pretty happy with the colours.
 A few years ago I was noodling around and made a rather large pendant which ended up being really awkward to stitch, and so I thought I really couldn't teach it, that there was no way, that I should instead find a simpler version to teach, and I did.
A slider bead. Much more manageable in terms of effort, still pretty, but not as stunning.

Most times I wear my original very large pendant, it garners a fair bit of attention, so I thought I'd reconsider. The truth is that the slider bead, while containing the same elements as the large pendant, requires some extra work to stabilize and finish it, while the pendant because of its structure does not. All it requires is a bit of perseverance, manoeuvring abilities with a needle in tight spaces and a little more time to complete it.

I actually think it's teachable, so I made another sample.

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