Tuesday, October 15, 2013


If you're beading a necklace (say) in some sort of needle-and-thread modality, you just stitch and stitch and stitch (and perhaps add a jump ring or clasp for example), and when you're finished stitching, presto chango there's your necklace.


When you're done knitting, there might be some stitching things together (not often if you're me) and there might be some sewing on buttons, but really, once the knitting is finished, there's not much more to be done before it can be on your body in public (assuming we're not talking about knitted unmentionables about which I may have opinions).

Kumihimo is a little annoying at the tail end though.
I'm fine with the time it takes to string the beads and set up (it's not dreadful at all with size eight beads). The braiding is quite fast too. The problem is that it's all too easy to end up with beautiful ropes with hideous and useless ends.

There's this whole effort, almost like a whole other project that has to go into getting a completed kumihimo rope into something that should not be shoved into the back of a drawer. I mean, those are just not useful as they are.

Since these are mine and that's the way I roll, I have to figure out what beads, what style, what closure I'm going to stitch and I find it irksome, that's all, even when I have a plan. It's annoying to be finished and yet not even slightly usable.

I think I like finishing knitting much better than I like finishing kumihimo as it turns out. Of course I like knitting better than I like kumihimo too, but that's another issue entirely.

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