Thursday, February 9, 2012

Louder Than Words

It's late and I have a headache and a tiny backlog of pictures, now no more:
Last week I made rectangular versions of this and wanted to try shaping . It looks somewhat insectoid to me.
I cleared one thing out of the Unfinished Bag (which has things I think I really am highly likely to finish Any Minute Now, as opposed to the Unfinished Drawers, the contents of which I'm more realistic) which had been waiting on the other half of the necklace since last year or perhaps the year before, but who's counting. While I was there, I decided I didn't even like the focal that much, so I added More Stuff to it, and now I think it's halfway decent, perhaps 65% even.
This has been forever in the making.

Actual stitching wasn't that bad, but I'll bet that if I went on an archaeological dig of my piles of sketches, I'd find versions of this stretching back to the dark ages (whenever those might be. Some time back, for sure).

There was a minor amount of Cutting Up, but not bad considering.

I think it's a little plain. Some gussying up might be in order.

Not now though.

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