Friday, December 9, 2011

Something About A Deadline

My class proposals for February through May are due on Tuesday when I teach, so this weekend I not only have to write up instructions for Barokia, but also need to fill in those last few classes that have been eluding me.

It's been an intense week at work, and as such, I've been too engaged to doodle, um come up with beading designs as my mind wanders. It happens from time to time, depending on how much I have to concentrate. When tasks are mundane or not challenging, ideas distract me and I come home with sketches of beading and knitting, but not this past week with its looming deadline which has come and gone (not my fault!)

Frankly, I was a little concerned about the class schedule.

I thought I might have to recycle one of the older ones, which actually isn't necessarily a bad thing.

So I came home and finished the knitting on my cardigan (there's still finishing. Weaving in of ends and sewing on of buttons) and took a beading break where this happened.
About two thirds of the way around I changed some of the bead counts and I didn't put the bail in a neatly symmetric place (I like to align it with the bead hole when I'm working with transparent or not entirely round beads), so I made another one.
For grins, I used different fringe beads on the other side.
It's a nice project for a two-hour class and uses those gorgeous Czech paddle beads which fill me simultaneously with lust, covetousness (both of which I give in to) and despair because I have had no idea how to use them.

Well, now I do!

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Laurie said...

That's a beautiful design! Lust/covet/what do I do with this describes a reasonable portion of my stash(es). *sigh*