Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dull Girl

Perhaps I exaggerate: it's not been all work and absolutely no play whatsoever, but my time allocation has been concentrated on the work. Honestly though, I have no right to complain (and I'm not, exactly) since this effort is entirely of my own choosing with no external coercion at all.

I've done this to myself.

I made nifty dividers that work pretty darn well using foam core board and packed kits in my organised crates.
I packed kits.
I packed kits.
I made samples in new colours, and packed kits.
I made a sample for a new kit (I'm teaching the class on Tuesday, so it's fair game for a kit for Saturday), and packed kits.
I made a poster for my booth and printed it on nine pages and stuck them together and am now wondering how I'll make an actual usable poster.

I suspect that more foam core board and self-stick clear laminating (I always thought that laminating had to involve heat-bonding, but Wikipedia allows a more general definition. I'm thinking it's new-fangled laxity, and true lamination really only allows heat-bonding, but since I don't have access to a heat-laminating machine big enough for a 20" x 30" poster - or even for something small, for that matter - I'll just buy the self-stick and call it laminating) paper is in my future.

I also verified that my brilliant idea for display cases for the kits is viable (but no pictures). It involves large pieces of perspex/acrylic/plastic/clear stuff that is not glass left over from when my mahogany dining room table needed to be protected from careless little hands, and strips of wood, yet to be painted. It'll work though.

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Kristen said...

I wish I could be there one of your kits would be awesome!!!!