Friday, March 25, 2011

Not According to Plan

I'm in Knitting Hell.

A few weeks ago, I saw a picture of a sweater from a German magazine that inspired me, and I collected some handspun in shades of dull reds, pinks, browns and oranges, with deep blue-violet for the accent, and started knitting.

At first, it went well.

Then, when I had to knit on the next section, it started getting ugly and I knew I couldn't continue as planned (knitting one section onto the next), and I'd be certifiable if I persisted in the design but had to sew everything together, so I tried to come up with an alternative plan for my fine (I'm knitting on 3mm needles) collection of yarns.

I found a modular shell-like motif.


Modular squares.

Just not right.

I'm not in the mood for intarsia, and I don't think a stranded design will be ideal for the yarn, and stripes are so ho-hum and I HAVE NOTHING TO KNIT and it's driving me crazy.

The socks that I keep in my car? Yeah I don't like what I've been doing with them, so I've ripped out a few inches too.

M beading life isn't helping all that much either, as most of what I'm doing is packing kits, and any actual beading is kit samples.

Like this one.

At least I like it.

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