Sunday, December 20, 2009

So Far So Boring

The new job, that is. As expected, there's a boatload of reading to be done, and they're hurtling towards a deadline (not to mention the holidays), so giving me stuff to do isn't the highest priority in the world.

I can handle it for now.

I finally made the last pair of button loops (at the pointy end of the mitten; somehow it slipped my mind when I was making them), its need illustrated by the configuration of the left hand mitten.
My daughter says they work perfectly.

Love this little square pendant, but I'm not sure whether or not it's class-worthy,
Perhaps I'll just keep it. Or use it in a class as one in a series Of. I'm sure I'll figure it out.

The next pendant, however, tickles me. My fancy that is. Whatever that is.
You can't really see, but it's a five-sided shape (perhaps technically ten-sided, since each side folds in the middle, sort of making two sides) with each face recessed, and little swags of beads connecting the laterally-outermost points. I'm pretty sure it would scale up to an arbitrary number of sides, though at some point the bulk of the beads might impose a limit. With seven or eight sides, the space around the vertical axis would probably be big enough for it to be a slider on a rope.

Only problem is that it takes a while to stitch, what with all the repetition, so it might not be ideal for a class. Perhaps a two-parter, with homework between parts I and II. I guess I'll make another one, timing myself. And multiplying by two or three.

And then I've been messing around with a peacock feather motif, but I don't think I'm there yet.
I know the effect I want, and I know how I want to use it, and the structure is more or less what I want, but not quite.

I've cut up a few already, these are the relative successes, which tells you how bad the others were.

Ugh, I should probably spend time on something on which I could make actual progress though.

In all fairness, a great chunk of the day was sucked up by my being a halfway decent mother.

My daughter left her phone at home, and she was at work. At a mall. Less than a week before the biggest shopping cluster-fuck of the year.

And I took it to her, in the middle of the afternoon.

Actually, it wasn't all that bad. I knew I wouldn't find parking right at any of the entrances, or undercover, so I headed straight for the roof of the garage (if you call stop-and-start with mall security in fluorescent vests attempting to direct the creeping molasses of traffic).

Something got sent to Oregon (but that was a day or two ago, Janel).
Another class sample got finished.
A couple, actually.

Next week though: almost a vacation. A five-day weekend. I think I'll be able to handle that.

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janel said...

Something arrived in Oregon, and it made one brand new Oregonian dance with happiness!