Sunday, November 16, 2008


So I have four completed rounds of hexagons on the skirt, a few hexagons on the fifth round, and one on the sixth.
Moving along with the clown skirt quite well, I think.

I spun the SOAR Blend from Cottage Creations.

John thinks it's scary (too many colours). I'm not easily frightened.

Now I need to decide whether to ply it on itself, or spin something else (well, two something elses) to ply with it.

My brother gets swag through his company, so when I was in Australia he tossed something my way.
Gotta love new toys!


Laurie said...

Very funny on the scary. It requires a brain adjustment, almost a tipping of the head, to say, "yeah, that's fun yarn, not scary yarn". Something smooth to ply with? What are you considering?

Charlene said...

Preferably my stash contains two other equally wild-coloured rovings, but smooth - I think one ply of texture is enough, though I'm willling to bve flexible if circumstances dictate (the stash must provide). While this one has some silk and some fine wools, it's not allover butter-soft, so if I can find a medium handpainted or multi-carded roving or two, that would be ideal. I'm pretty sure I could find something white to paint if necessary.