Saturday, October 13, 2007

Words Fail Me

So at least I have a picture.

I think it is fair to say though, that if you have been suffering under the burden of a string of Bad Knitting, and the project you have chosen in defiance as a Sure Thing is at a point where you need to make a semi-critical decision concerning, say, armhole depth, then it is a really really good idea to be sure that you follow through and do sensible sleeve shaping, rather than deciding that perhaps, after all, after some not inconsequential number of hours of knitting, you need to work on those biceps and deltoids and triceps a LOT (which is likely to mean steroids for the effect actually needed) or else that your upper arms will never ever ever be that large and you should have been doing quite a bit more decreasing, but since you were less than sensible about this stage of the project, once again a fair amount of ripping out will be necessary in order to avoid Yet Another Knitting Failure.

On the other hand, the beaded beads I put into the silent auction were at $55 last time I checked, and I'm flattered, delighted and embarrassed all at the same time.

And the highlight of my week was the handspun shawl I was gifted with today.  I cried like a baby.  In public.  More than once.

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fibergal said...

Cried. Me too. And yet I am dancing to have received one of your lovely beaded beads. It sits there whispering to be used every day, but I just can't place it yet.