Sunday, May 3, 2015

Empty Nest

As if it has always been this way.
 Even the unhatched egg has disappeared, no doubt into someone's stomach, shell and all.
 Today I made samples.
 All the colour-ways for this kit.

I confess to being pleased that these are done although they really don't take that long - around an hour per bracelet because I stitch decisively and without pause unless I don't like the colour combination and then there's the cutting up and re-deciding that seems very inefficient because next time I look up half an hour has passed and that doesn't seem like a very good use of my time but I suppose someone has to do it.

It doesn't feel as though I've only spent three hours at bead-related activities but in reality it's more, just not the fun stuff. I filled endless baggies with beads. The seed beads I measure out to the nearest quarter teaspoon (occasionally to the eighth) but everything else has to be counted. I like the beads that come on strands, but even counting three millimetre beads by the tens takes time.

Then there are the stickers and the baggies within baggies: each tiny baggie of beads has to have a sticker identifying the beads. Some may be obvious (fringe bead, size eleven seed bead) but if I don't label then "11A" and "11B" then the instructions for which they were intended could get confusing, especially if they are not interchangeable in terms of quantities. 

Then once all the tiny baggies are filled and labelled, needles and thread are gathered and the slightly larger but still quite small baggies are filled with the tiny baggies containing all the beads for a kit. The instructions are printed, stapled and folded and placed inside a folded cover sheet, and a large baggie gets the baggie of baggies of beads and the instructions with its cover sheet and THEN finally the work in preparing the kit is done.

Right now I have baggies of beads, sheets of stickers, some samples, some cover sheets designed (for the new kits), nothing printed - there's still  lot to do. I have some time - not much, but with a bit of luck, enough.

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