Sunday, January 27, 2013


It's all about the samples, but there are Bead & Button samples, and there are samples for my ongoing local classes.
I became a little weary of the sample below, so as a distraction or intermission (call it what you will, I needed to do something to make myself happy as opposed to keeping myself from being anxious; doing what I want makes me happy whereas doing what I ought relieves any pending anxiety. It all works out) I started on the necklace above and then when I ran out of faceted beads in the correct colour (I had a strand of fifty) I completed the sample I'd started.
It's all good.

Friday night was ballet night and in keeping with the creeping trend of just about everything to achieve the lowest common denominator (I give you Snookie. I rest my case) I was expecting Moulin Rouge (the ballet) to be aimed at mass markets: inconsequential and irrelevant dancing taking second place to over-acted underwhelming less-amusing-than-intended pantomime.

Fortunately I was mistaken.

The dancing was lovely, the dancers very accomplished, and the style of the whole thing, even though not choreographed a century or more ago, was very much in the Classical style. The costumes were charming, the sets inventive but not overwhelming, and the progression and culmination of the story was perfectly in keeping with any of the old stand-bys.

It was an excellent start to the weekend.

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