Sunday, December 9, 2012


Test passed, done.   

More importantly, I have two more samples for Tuesday's class.
 Both are new variations (very small variations).
I'd forgotten how much I enjoy making this pendant. It's layers and layers and somehow they all just go together so well.

There are all these new beads that keep appearing, and I guess I've drunk the KoolAid when it comes to the two-hole beads (I prefer the superduos but the twin beads are satisfactory too). They stitch like seed beads, but texturally are such a nice contrast. The twin beads in the pendants above are the slightly matte golden beads, the oval shapes.

While round seed beads have a direction while you're sewing with them, by and large you can't tell in the finished product, except with silver-lined beads, but they're still round and directionless. Round blobs. There can be groupings of round blobs, lines of round blobs, but individually they're just dots of colour.

The two-hole beads on the other hand, have direction and can give definition. The beads that bezel the rivoli emphasize it, point to it, while the beads around the edge form a pleasing zig-zag.

I know bugle beads have direction, but they have their own issues, like sharp edges. And they're stark and cold and quite frankly not all that versatile.

I like the way the two-hole beads allow me to make an airy piece of beadwork that is substantial and not at all floppy.

I guess I'm on board.

I had two strands of farfalle for about five years before I started using them, but like fringe beads and small magatamas, I find them a very useful embellishment bead.

The two-hole square beads? Not so much. I'm still waiting to be inspired by them, and I don't see it happening, but I guess I should give them five years before making up my mind.

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