Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Ideas That Gell

I saw a rather simple necklace on some blog a few days ago that combined seed beads and round beads in what looked like netting, which gave me an idea.

I started with a modified daisy chain (in my opinion a rather underused stitch. I think perhaps it's viewed as not quite sophisticated enough, not cosmopolitan enough, but it's very versatile, so I'm not quite sure why it's so overlooked) using seed beads and fire-polished beads.

A sweet, rather simple little chain. Imagine small magatamas or farfalle beads somewhere in the mix.
 I added a border along each long edge, and joined two more of the same, resulting in a substantial yet delicate cuff.
I didn't do any cutting up, and the only undoing I did was when I was trying to decide between a few colours of magatama (pale pink or frosted white; pale pink won). It fastens with a very pretty button which turns out to be not ideal as the cuff is too wide and needs fastening across the entire width, but otherwise is quite usable as is.

Best of all? If I make kits for this, with the beads needed for one cuff, it would be possible to make a narrow necklace instead if preferred.

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