Thursday, July 12, 2012


Yeah. Matching earrings.
They're actually really good as earrings, as they're very light. And I like the shape that the addition of the accent beads gives them.

I had thought that since it's right angle weave (mostly) and Tuesday's class involved doubling and halving the number of stitches, that this would lend itself well to working the beaded beads not as individuals, but as a string of beads.
Yeah no.

Adore the colours together, but the shape is so unpleasant that I had to do it twice to convince myself that it was a mistake.

The one good thing from this is the new necklace in my future from the beads I'll get after cutting these up.

Love love love the matte copper faceted beads with the deep purples and green and bronzey golds.

Definitely in my future.

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