Friday, August 13, 2010


I don't yet know her name, but I do know that she won't pose for photos, so this is the best I can do.
She seems to be settling in. She ate, napped, played, purred, meowed, used the litter-box (not necessarily in that order). She likes to climb up things. Us, for example. With claws.

In other news and even worse pictures, I finished this last week.
I had the hardest time getting a picture, as the lens kept misting over, as it's so warm and humid outside.

While I was away I did some knitting.
The ball of yarn looked way more attractive, colour-wise that is, than knitted up. I'm not worried, as I'm not afraid to dye.

I haven't done any new beading, as in new designs, but in the interest of resting my back last weekend, I decided to stitch along with my Sunday afternoon class. I put together a couple of red kits, and thought I'd like to see how it looked made up.
Given that red isn't my favourite colour in the world (I don't hate it, and it certainly doesn't provoke such violent feelings of antipathy as royal blue), I kinda like the way this looks. I guess I ought to finish it.

I did make a class sample (due yesterday) since I sold the original.
But I'm saving the best for last (again, awful picture, but trust me, it's gorgeous).

My son, my over-six-feet baby, made me this gorgeous cherry table for my living room.


Charleen said...

I love that sample! Makes me want to dig out my beads again but that would require making some space on the dining room table :-)

Your "baby" is quite the craftsman. The table is beautiful!!

Unknown said...

Kitteh is soooooo cute! Love the shirt nice work! And your sample it to die for!


Terri said...

I think the sample is gorgeous, as well as the kitten! And that table! Wow! What a talented and wonderful son you have!

Juno said...

That's a gorgeous piece of furniture, I am busily envying.

And the kitten! Everything I can think of to say is beneath my dignity AND hers. But ZOMG!

Sara said...

Lucky! You are lucky! A kitten and a cherry wood table....